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Making good use of depleted reservoirs and aquifer structures

Reservoir engineering is concerned with the description of flow properties and possibilities of gases and liquids in the extraction and storage of hydrocarbons in porous rock formations underground. The primary focus is on determining the size and the recoverable content of a natural deposit. The properties of the deposit and the associated conditions (e.g. pressure and temperature conditions) play an essential role here, which typically also need to be determined. To perform these tasks, reservoir engineers apply the fundamental principles of physics and chemistry to the behaviour of fluids and gases in porous and permeable underground rock formations.

Seismic reflection measurements are indispensable for any preliminary exploration of the deeper subsoil. Of all geophysical exploration methods, seismics provides the most meaningful and accurate results. However, this depends not only on the measurement itself, but to a considerable extent also on how this data is processed.

DEEP.KBB offers comprehensive advice on seismic reflection data processing. We support our customers by helping with parameter decisions and checking quality controls.

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