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Discover the white gold

Salt is a valuable raw material and can also be used as a building material for underground structures such as caverns or mines. Due to its special material properties, salt occupies a special position among rocks. Salt deposits are similar regarding their basic properties, but the details vary from site to site.

Whether rock salt, potash salts, trona or other mineral raw materials: The experienced geoscientists of DEEP.KBB know the chemical and physical characteristics of different salts as well as the processes during the deposition and deformation of saline rocks. They analyse and interpret sample material and data that provides information about geological conditions underground. In our own laboratory many geochemical and petrographical questions can be answered.

Solegewinnung Salzgeologie

Supported by modern 3D software, interpretations of complex geological contexts are developed and presented. The knowledge of the nature and internal structure of a deposit enables optimal areas for raw material extraction to be determined or locations for caverns to be identified. Our scientists are in constant contact with international experts and always work according to the state of the art.