Corporate Business Principles

Company Information

DEEP.KBB is one of the leading engineering companies for underground storage. Our strengths lie in our experience, the professional expertise of our employees and our interdisciplinary approach – always in accordance with state of the art science and technology.

Safe Storage of Fossil and Renewable Energy Sources/Brine Production

The safe storage of fossil renewable energy, the exploration of the potential of alternative energy sources and the extraction of rock and potash salts through the process of solution mining are some of the main tasks of DEEP.KBB. We support our clients with the development of individual and economic solutions and with the technical implementation of their projects.

Responsibility and Fairness

The principle of responsibility towards our clients, suppliers, employees and partners, is the prerequisite for the quality of our work and our success on the market. We commit ourselves to strictly adhere to international conventions, local regulations and our own standards, such as compliance principles.

Employees as the Focal Point

Our employees represent the essential capital of DEEP.KBB. Technical improvements as well as compe-tition require employees with high motivation, a high willingness change, curiosity and interest in new knowledge, new trends, and technologies. We support our employees through the establishment of and compliance with suitable frame conditions and by offering continuing education opportunities.

Quality Management, Environment and Work Safety

In our daily work we apply the approved standards of quality management, work safety, and protection of health and environment. We constantly strive to improve the internal work safety, quality, and envi-ronmental management system for the prevention of accidents, work-related diseases or health risks, as well as environmental and property damages.