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Current news from DEEP.KBB:


STORAGE SEMINAR - November 5th & 6th, 2024

DEEP.KBB is pleased to offer the cavern seminar again this year.
Our seminar (in German language) covers a variety of topics related to underground storage in salt caverns such as geology, rock mechanics, solution mining, drilling technology, completion and integrity of caverns.
The content is of interest to both operating personnel and newcomers to the fields of storage technology, salt extraction and the operation of underground facilities.

Registration will be available on our website shortly.

We look forward to your participation in our seminar at Bad Zwischenahn.

P.S. The seminar in English language is planned for February 2025. Details will announced later this year.

DGMK Mai 2024


DGMK Spring Conference in Celle - and DEEP.KBB was there!

As long-standing participants at the DGMK e.V. spring conference, we were once again delighted with this valuable, varied and innovative this event was for exhibitors, speakers and visitors.
The lectures were up-to-date, informative and professionally presented by all speakers.
At our own DEEP.KBB GmbH booth, visitors were able to put on VR glasses to virtually fly through a cavern field. And those who could not get a seat in our virtual plane had the opportunity to learn more about our energy model from our colleagues on site.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all interested visitors for the many valuable conversations and discussions. A big thank you also to all our colleagues who looked after the booth on site, supported our work in the background and from distance and ensured that this event was so successful.
Many thanks also to all the organizers of this year's DGMK Spring Conference in Celle. It was an all-round successful event.

We are already looking forward to the 2025 spring conference - DEEP.KBB will definitely be there again!

Socon Mai 2024


Northern lights visit the south

Our colleagues from DEEP.KBB GmbH were delighted to receive a very special invitation from SOCON Sonar Control Kavernenvermessung GmbH and set off on Ascension Day on an exciting journey with a first stop in Hallstatt and then on to Berchtesgaden.

In addition to interesting, entertaining technical presentations, they were treated to a tour of the Hallstatt salt mine on Friday and a tour of the Berchtesgaden salt mine by Südsalz GmbH on Saturday.
We learned a lot about the historical and current solution mining techniques used by the mines as well as the different measuring methods used on site.
An absolute highlight was certainly the possibility to walk into developed caverns - an experience that can only be found in a few other places in the world and which the colleagues will certainly remember for a long time to come.

A great experience in a breathtaking setting, which ended in the picturesque backdrop of Salzburg!



Looking back at a great SMRI Spring Conference in Kraków – a promising outlook

We are looking back on a great time at this year's SMRI Spring Conference in Kraków.

Besides the intensive professional exchange with salt cavern enthusiasts from all over the world, we are delighted to make an important contribution to a safe hydrogen infrastructure as part of the SMRI research program. Together with our international partners, DEEP.KBB has been commissioned to develop standards / guidelines for the further development of future hydrogen storage as part of the SMRI research program.
This means that DEEP.KBB will continue to make its contribution to a safe storage landscape.
A responsible and important task that we are happy to take on!

This also includes the regular sharing of experiences on ongoing research projects on hydrogen storage. Our colleague Stefan Kürzel therefore received the undivided attention of all participants during his presentation on our H2CAST research project.
The visit to the large salt chamber of the Wieliczka mine and the excursions to the Bochnia mine also contributed to making this year's SMRI Spring Conference a successful event with exciting professional impressions.

And of course, together with SOCON, we took the wonderful opportunity to invite our customers and companions on board and enjoy the evening with relaxed conversations in the breathtaking, historic setting of the Wawel.

Our takeaway: It was a successful and great event that will contribute to a secure energy supply and climate-friendly energy storage in Germany and the world - and we at DEEP.KBB are a part of it!



Setting the Course for the Future

We at DEEP.KBB like to share with you a pivotal moment for our company.

Managing director Christian Hellberg welcomes Heike Bernhardt, Jürgen Kepplinger, Stefan Möller and Reinhard Steenken as the newly appointed members of the management board. Each of them has been successfully representing the company for many years as technical or commercial director. Furthermore, Stefan Möller and Reinhard Steenken have been appointed as additional managing directors.

With this new management team we will continue the successful path of our independent company. At the same time, we’re setting a clear statement for the future direction of DEEP.KBB.

Rock Mechanics Seminar 2024



On February 28th & 29th we welcomed 24 external participants to our first DEEP.KBB Rock Mechanics Seminar in Bad Zwischenahn

The lectures naturally revolved around the topic of rock mechanics, which was partly illustrated with everyday examples and supplemented with a practical experiment.
In the evening, the participants were able to exchange ideas over a pleasant meal, get to know each other personally and make or expand valuable new contacts.
It was a varied seminar with time for both professional and social exchange.
We would like to thank all participants, speakers and of course the organization in the background for making this seminar a successful event.

Boßeln 2024


DEEP.KBB employees compete for the title again

Once again this year, we did not miss the opportunity to hold our firmly established company boßeln.

With the prospect of winning one of the coveted royal titles, we met up with a total of 55 colleagues for this year's Boßeln. The sunshine at the start of the event underlined the good mood, which became more relaxed with every bend passed despite the wind and rain.

With 4 bulging handcarts, we followed the rolling ball over potholes and through the ditches before bidding a fitting farewell to the reigning king and queen over warm kale and welcoming the new king and queen into their one-year term of office.

Onboarding 2024


Historic ambience, imaginative colleagues, innovative results = Onboarding 2024 at DEEP.KBB

Once again, we took the opportunity to invite our new colleagues to an Onboarding-Meeting, which took place in the Fürstensaal of the Klinkerburg in Oldenburg.

Here, 20 new colleagues from our 3 locations Bad Zwischenahn, Rüstringen and Hanover, hired during the last 12 months, met together with our management to get to know each other and especially to learn more about DEEP.KBB. In this historic setting, the new colleagues were informed about the company, current news and our key projects. At the same time, their feedback was used to successfully shape the future for DEEP.KBB! In joint teamwork, innovative ideas were developed on how DEEP.KBB can become even better and more attractive as a company and employer.

We would like to thank all our colleagues for their ideas and look forward to working together in the future.

Hydrogen Storage Seminar 2024


As a guest at Hydrogen Storage Seminar

Following the pioneering execution of the H2-pilot project at the Zuidwending gas storage facility, we were invited by Gasunie and Hystock to take part in the inspiring and pathbreaking 2-day Hydrogen Storage Seminar last week.
This was a valuable cross-border networking and technology transfer event for the H2 storage industry, which we were able to support in Groningen at the Gasunie headquarters.
We congratulate Gasunie and Hystock on this all-round successful event - and thank them for the opportunity to contribute our technical expertise as a partner to this H2 pilot project!

Christmas 2023


Christmas makes wishes come true.

Once again this year, we would like to help make wishes come true outside of our own circle of family and friends, brightening up the Christmas season with at least one more smile.
In 2023, we are supporting two very special projects with our donation:

The organization FLUGKRAFT - FOTO UND HILFSPROJEKT FÜR KREBSKRANKE! With power packs, wish fulfillment, free photo shoots and make-up/hairdressing workshops, FLUGKRAFT aims to give positive psychological moments that support healing, strengthen the self-confidence of those affected, create special memories, reduce fears, provide comfort and help people to evaluate events differently.

The ASB-WÜNSCHEWAGEN was created to fulfill a last wish for people at the end of their lives.
For many people, the ASB WÜNSCHEWAGEN is the only opportunity to visit the place of their dreams, attend a last concert or see family members one last time.

And last but not least, our employees are delighted to receive delicious chocolate and a suitable sports bag for their good intentions for the coming year.

DEEP.KBB wishes all friends, customers, families and their loved ones a Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy start to 2024!


DEEP.KBB GmbH is once again working with the federal government to support innovative, talented and socially committed students at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg as part of the Deutschlandstipendium.

This year, we are providing financial support to a student from the Department of Geotechnics, Mining and Geo-Energy Systems. Our support is intended to give her more time for the essentials, both in the area of her studies and in the area of her social commitment.

As a company, we are proud to be able to offer and sponsor opportunities that give students the power and motivation to shape our future sustainably.

Drachenbootrennen 2023


Energy and ambition coupled with a unique setting = Dragon Boat Race 2023

The excitement and anticipation in the DEEP.KBB team turned into charged energy on race day. With this power in the team, we reached the qualification for the semifinals directly in the first race as second place.

The training beforehand not only shaped our muscles, but also our team and our collective ambition, and so we finished the race in 6th place overall!

However, we celebrated as if the overall victory had been ours! Which was exactly the same considering our team, our cohesion and what we experienced. It was a beautiful, exciting experience, in front of an enchanting backdrop, on a beautiful summer day!

We thank everyone for the organization and are already looking forward to the preparation phase for next year!



Sun, blue sky, live music, poetry slam, lectures and guest in a good mood = DEEP.KBB anniversary celebration!

On 15.09.23 we were finally able to welcome our guests in sunny weather on the Waldberg Empelde and offer our colleagues, customers and friends a unique view over the rooftops of Hannover, and thus a very special ambience for our celebration.

Between lectures, delicious food, poetry slam and one or the other snack there was no time to be bored. With the photo box on site, funny snapshots could be created and there were great moments to be captured everywhere on this day.

It was an unforgettable event for DEEP.KBB that we will remember for a long time.

DKMS 2023


We defeat cancer…

…was the motto at DEEP.KBB this week.

Thanks to another great idea and the great commitment of our employees, we were able to add many more names to the DKMS register for potential stem cell donors. For each individual registration as part of this campaign, DEEP.KBB donates a fixed amount of money to the German Bone Marrow Donation (DKMS). We would like to thank our employees for the fact that it was a matter of course for them to do their part for a good cause and we look forward to the next idea, which one or the other probably already has in the back of their minds.

Together we will defeat blood cancer! Join in and register as a stem cell donor at

OLEC Konferenz 2023


OLEC conference 2023

On July 3, the #OLEC conference took place as a central meeting point for all stakeholders from business, municipalities and science in the Northwest as part of the #OLEC ENERGY WEEK 2023 and DEEP.KBB was right in the middle.

At the exchange on the topic "Synergies for a resilient energy supply in the Northwest" we were able to make new contacts and revive old ones.

Many thanks for this entertaining & exciting day!



1 Team & 1 Goal = DEEP.KBB-Biker

The DEEP.KBB-Bikerteam was on the road this weekend in beautiful summer weather and full physical effort for the good cause. 6 participants in 3 different locations pursued a common goal:


In addition to the entry fee, which is used 100% as a donation, DEEP.KBB also converts every kilometer driven into donation money. This makes the sore muscles much more bearable and next year, of course, the goal is to break the 500 kilometer mark. See you next year at the #MUSKELTOUR 2024!



10 years of natural gas storage Jemgum

As we have been close business partners of astora GmbH for many years, we now had the great opportunity to be guests at the anniversary celebration "10 years of natural gas storage" on site. We would like to thank astora GmbH for the interesting and entertaining lectures, the great guided tour through the gas storage facility and the festive ambience directly on site.

We congratulate astora GmbH on "10 years of natural gas storage in Jemgum" and wish them much success, exciting challenges and many more successful anniversaries in the future.



EIL and DEEP.KBB GmbH sign Memorandum of Agreement

Engineers India Limited (EIL) has inked a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with DEEP.KBB GmbH for salt cavern projects. The alliance shall jointly pursue basic design, detail engineering, project management and construction supervision services for underground and above ground salt cavern storage facilities for hydrocarbons and other products like hydrogen & carbon dioxide for Indian and international clients, in line with EIL’s vision “To be a global leader offering total energy solutions for a sustainable future”.

The MoA was signed in presence of Sh. Pankaj Jain, Secretary, MoP&NG, and Ms. Vartika Shukla, C&MD, EIL by Sh. Atul Gupta, Director (Commercial), EIL and Mr. Christian Hellberg, CEO, DEEP.KBB & Mr. Stefan Möller, CFO, DEEP.KBB at New Delhi in the presence of other functional directors and senior officials of Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas & EIL.

DGMK Stand 2023 DEEP.KBB


DGMK Spring Conference

A lot of interesting discussions and personal contacts took place again this year at the DEEP.KBB booth during the DGMK Spring Conference.

We are sure that our technical contributions will be remembered well and are already looking forward to the continuation next year!

ADAC Fahrsicherheit


ADAC driving safety training

The safety of our employees is very important to us! For this reason, some of us had the valuable opportunity to take part in a driving safety training course. Under the guidance of the ADAC, we were able to improve our driving practice in order to be a safe on the road.

Whether privately or on business, from now on we can better assess ourselves and our car in dangerous situations.

DGG 2023


DGG 2023

Four days of DGG 2023 in Bremen meant four days of interesting presentations, professional discussions, interesting encounters - four days worthwhile for us as DEEP.KBB from every point of view.

With a booth on site, we took the chance to provide the participants of the conference an insight into our work and our company. We had great conversations about the current possibilities and developments of energy storage in the geological subsurface, on- and offshore, especially about the storage of renewable energies like hydrogen.

In addition to technical expertise, our booth offer also included the possibility to virtually dive into the underground and "fly" through a cavern storage facility with the help of VR glasses.


Our support for Syria and Turkey

Severe earthquakes have destroyed many areas of Turkey and Syria. As a result, the injured and the bereaved are in great emotional and material need. With our donation we try to help with the reconstruction and the medical missions on site. We support the aid organizations "Aktion-Deutschland-Hilft" ( and "Ärzte-ohne-Grenzen" (

Storage Seminar 2023


Storage Seminar

After a break of two years, we were finally able to start the new season with our storage seminar.

We would like to thank the 30 participants for 2 exciting days with technical presentations on topics such as geology, drilling & completion, solution mining, rock-mechanics and even hydrogen storage.

Furthermore, we took advantage of the rare chance to visit a nearby cavern facility, where we got a great impression of the work and implementation on site. To top it all off, we enjoyed a social dinner that was perfect for networking.

We would like to thank all participants and speakers for the successful event, which we will certainly repeat and continue to develop in the near future. We will keep you updated!


8 DEEP.KBB employees now approved as experts for tightness and integrity testing

With the new BVOT amendment from June 30, 2022, stricter requirements for deep wells will apply. A central point of the new version is the regular inspection of oil, gas and storage wells in Lower Saxony by external experts. 8 DEEP.KBB employees have successfully completed the approval procedure for the test items required in Annex 1 to §5 Para. 1 of the BVOT under 14.1 and are recognized as experts by the LBEG in accordance with §6 Para. 1 of the Deep Drilling Ordinance (BVOT).

We at DEEP.KBB are proud that we can cover the required tests on deep boreholes for the underground part, evaluation of cementation, tightness tests and integrity proofs completely by the experts from our company.

Christmas Party 2022


Every year again....

...we were finally able to take up this tradition again this year.

We took the opportunity to say goodbye not only to a successful, exciting and challenging year 2022 - but also to enjoy the pre-Christmas atmosphere in a cozy get-together with our colleagues.

Surrounded by good food in the festive Christmas ambience of the Watermill Wardenburg, we discussed plans and and designed ideas for the new year. It will be special, hopefully successful and certainly not boring.

We wish everyone a relaxed and above all peaceful Christmas and a happy and successful New Year 2023.

Christmas 2022


Christmas donation for children

This year we support with our annual donation the important work of the Kindernothilfe e.V. (an organisation that supports vulnerable and marginalized children and youth to develop their full potentials) and the children’s foundation „Waisenhaus Ukraine“ (a charity program for families in need due to the war in Ukraine).



Scholarship “Deutschlandstipendium” to support young talents: We provide time for the important things

DEEP.KBB, together with the federal government, supports innovative, talented and also socially committed students of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg and the TU Clausthal by granting the scholarship “Deutschlandstipendium”.

The students not only gain a valuable scholarship, that provides financial support, but also and above all they gain time, time for studying, time to shape their – and with a little luck also our – professional and personal future. This way, young people are able to put their energy into their professional career and also into our society, instead of losing valuable energy in part-time jobs. This way, we all get competent and socially motivated young professionals.

On 8.12.22, our scholarship holder Jannik Mittag received the official certificate during a ceremony at the Helmholtz-Institute in Freiberg. It was a pleasure for us to meet him there in person.

We wish Jannik Mittag the power and motivation to start full of energy into his future in order to sustainably, innovatively and socially shape the future of us all.

Onbording 2022


Welcome to DEEP.KBB

After a break of more than 2 years due to Corona our 23 new employees from Hannover and Bad Zwischenahn met with the slogan "Welcome to DEEP.KBB". In the historic Fürstensaal of the Klinkerburg in Oldenburg, they not only learned about the history of DEEP.KBB, but were also able to discuss the present and future of our company in teamwork.

In a motivated, open and very honest group, we exchanged views on how DEEP.KBB is perceived, both as employees and as outsiders. As a result, we learned a lot of positive things, including that our employees particularly appreciate DEEP.KBB's personal and international working atmosphere. With our expert know-how in the field of energy storage, we can and we want to achieve a lot together.

It was a great workshop from which we were able to gain many new, innovative ideas for the future and the success of the company. But we also hope that our new colleagues were able to benefit from the many impressions and knowledge about DEEP.KBB and our various fields of work.

Indian Delegation


Visit of the Indian Delegation

We were delighted to host the Indian Delegation at our premises in Bad Zwischenahn on 15th September 2022 in relation of a study of potash deposits in India.

ORTE 2022 Logo


TAKE YOUR CHANCE – Career fair ORTE on 09.06.2022

We will take part again and are looking forward to your visit! You can find more information about the career fair here.


WEBINAR: Hydrogen Seminar – Live from the 2022 World Hydrogen North America Congress

Together with the law firm GreenbergTraurig and the Dutch consulting firm Rebel Group, DEEP.KBB is organizing a webinar on hydrogen on April 5th, 2022. Topics include global developments in hydrogen markets and projects, new materials and science research.
Feel free to register here.

Ukraine Logo


We have donated 10.000 € to Action Alliance for Disaster Relief

With the outbreak of war, the plight of the people in Ukraine has dramatically worsened. We hope to be able to help with this.



First phase of the H2 pilot project "H2CAST Etzel" starts - R&D project initially runs until the end of 2024

STORAG ETZEL and EKB Storage, together with their consortium partners, have received funding approval for the H2CAST Etzel hydrogen research & development (R&D) pilot project under the Lower Saxony Hydrogen Directive. The goal of the project is to convert existing salt caverns and above-ground facilities to store hydrogen as a building block for a future energy system. As a consortium partner, DEEP.KBB is responsible for the underground engineering for the conversion of caverns to hydrogen storage including condition assessments, engineering, testing and evaluation. We are pleased to be part of this project. For more information about the H2CAST Etzel project please click here and here.

fir tree


This year we are supporting the following children's charities

This year, we are pleased to support the charitable organizations „Kinderschutzbund Ammerland e. V.“ (an association that promotes the rights and interests of children and young people) and „Kinderbrücke Hannover e. V.“ (an association that facilitates adventure days for children and young people in economic or social need).

Gutachten Friesland_Wittmund


Geological expert opinion for the districts of Friesland and Wittmund in the course of the site search for a nuclear repository

In September 2020, the Federal Company for Radioactive Waste Disposal (BGE) published the "Sub-areas Interim Report". This report covers the distribution of potential host rocks in Germany that are expected to have favorable geological conditions for the safe final disposal of high-level radioactive waste. In this context, DEEP.KBB has prepared a geological report on behalf of the districts of Friesland and Wittmund for those sub-areas that are located in these two districts. In the expert opinion, the methodology of the BGE is checked for plausibility, the underlying data basis is evaluated and further geological data is already used to assess the sub-areas, which will only be considered by the BGE in a later phase of the site search.

In November 2021 the results of the expert opinion were presented at a public meeting of the Committee for Environment, Agriculture and Waste Management of the Friesland district together with the Planning and Environment Committee of the Wittmund district at the theater „Am Dannhalm“ in Jever.

The report represents an essential basis for the districts to assess the results of the " Sub-areas Interim Report " as well as the status of the site search and to prepare for further procedural steps in the site selection procedure.

SOCON Kundenseminar 2021


Presentation at Socon customer seminar

The topic of hydrogen storage is currently being talked about everywhere. We are pleased to announce that our colleague Birgit Horvath, on the occasion of the Socon customer seminar on 25.11.2021, gave a very clear impulse lecture on the subject of "Hydrogen storage in caverns", explaining where the "journey" is leading to.

SNAM Kooperation 2021


Snam and DEEP.KBB sign cooperation agreement to develop underground storage in salt cavern for hydrogen and natural gas

San Donato Milanese (Milan), Hannover – November 15th, 2021 – Snam, one of the world's leading energy infrastructure operators, and DEEP.KBB, a German independent engineering company active in consulting, planning, construction and operation of underground energy storage facilities, as well as brine and salt extraction, have signed a cooperation agreement to start a technical and commercial collaboration in the salt cavern development to store both natural gas and other fluids, mainly hydrogen, on behalf of third parties.

This agreement sets an important step towards finding solutions to cut down emissions in line with the energy transition. Salt caverns can contribute to a more flexible traditional gas market and can also represent a suitable technical solution to store H2 and other fluids.

This cooperation leverages on Snam experience across 80 years in developing underground storage systems coupling with DEEP.KBB’s 50 years of know-how in delivering salt caverns technologies. The joint and reliable value proposition is aimed at delivering one-stop shop solutions for both companies’ customers, from underground geological formation to topside facility and from evaluation & design to operation & maintenance.


WEBINAR: The Government’s Role in Hydrogen Development”

DEEP.KBB, together with law firm GreenbergTraurig and Dutch consulting company Rebel Group, will again host a webinar on hydrogen titled "The Government's Role in Hydrogen Development." on November 17, 2021.

More information on the program and registration can be found here.


DEEP.KBB supports and designs the GeoKarlsruhe 2021 "Sustainable Earth - from Processes to Resources"

From September 19 to 24, 2021, the KIT Karlsruhe Institute of Technology will host the annual conference of the DGGV. The conference, which is designed as a purely digital event, will focus on the sustainable use of geo-resources. Further information on GeoKarlsruhe 2021 can be found here.

DEEP.KBB GmbH not only supports the event as a "Silver Sponsor", but also actively shapes the conference content: Together with partners from the IfG Institute for Rock Mechanics, KIT Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and TU Darmstadt, DEEP.KBB has initiated the presentation session 11.2 "Approaches to Sustainably Develop the Subsurface Potential for Storage and Disposal". The session brings together a range of contributions from research and industry on aspects of storage and disposal in the geological subsurface. A keynote lecture, which focuses in particular on the challenges posed by the energy transition to the use of the subsurface, will introduce the series of presentations. Further contributions deal with the different potential storage and barrier formations salt, sandstone, claystone and crystalline and present ongoing projects as well as current concepts and research approaches.


WEBINAR: Hydrogen Infrastructure and Storage Projects

Greenberg Traurig, in collaboration with DEEP.KBB and Dutch consulting company Rebel Group are hosting a third installment of a hydrogen-focused webinar series on the topic of Hydrogen Infrastructure and Storage Projects.

Click here to register.

ORTE 2021


We are participants and look forward to seeing you - The career fair ORTE from 09-10.06.2021 online

You can find more information about the online career fair here.


Hydrogen Infrastructure Challenges and Case Studies

Together with the law office GreenbergTraurig and the Dutch consulting company Rebel Group, DEEP.KBB is organizing a webinar on hydrogen on March 11, 2021, entitled „Hydrogen Infrastructure Challenges and Case Studies: Bumpy road or expressway to a clean fuel future?“.

Topics will include: the impact of hydrogen on infrastructure (steel pipe and elastomers), infrastructure challenges in hydrogen mobility projects, the regulation of hydrogen infrastructure (expectations and needs) and how to address these challenges from a legal and organizational perspective.

Further information on the program and registration can be found here:

DWV Brennstoffzelle


Hydrogen for a sustainable energy economy

In the new interactive brochure of the DWV (German Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association) we participated with an advertisement. The brochure provides a comprehensive insight into the future hydrogen economy. It is available for download here.

HomeOffice Lockdown



As many people in Germany and around the world continue to become infected with the corona virus and the health care system is under increasing strain, we will continue to observe the following guidelines for the protection of our employees, customers and partners:

  • Strict compliance with the recommendations and instructions of the RKI and the health authorities
  • Compliance with hygiene and clearance rules
  • Reduction/suspension of business trips; meetings as video/telephone conferences
  • Increased working from home office

Even in these uncertain times we will continue to be available for you and can guarantee a reliable handling of enquiries and projects.

The future depends on each and every one of us. With care and solidarity we will master this crisis!


Hydrogen Revolution in Europe: Opportunities and Challenges

Together with the law office GreenbergTraurig and the Dutch consulting company Rebel Group, DEEP.KBB is organizing a webinar on hydrogen on November 12, 2020, entitled "The Coming Hydrogen Revolution in Europe: Opportunities and Challenges".

Topics will include the current hydrogen economy, hydrogen demand and use in different energy sectors, scale-up challenges, regulatory developments in the EU and its member states, and its importance for hydrogen-related investments, especially in Germany and the Netherlands.

Further information on the program and registration can be found here:

Fachbericht Wasserstoff


Hydrogen storage in salt caverns for the integration of renewable energies

In the current issue (09/2020) of the journal gwf Gas+Energie we published an article on "Hydrogen storage in salt caverns for the integration of renewable energies".

The German article can be ordered online here:

H2 storage in caverns 9.2020


H2 storage in caverns

We are participating in the DGMK district group with a lecture. Please feel free to drop by!

You can find more information about the program here.

Neues Archiv für Niedersachsen 1.2020


New publication by DEEP.KBB: Underground storage in Northern Germany

We have published a new article in the journal for urban, regional and state development "Neues Archiv für Niedersachsen 1.2020" with the title "Untergrundspeicher in Norddeutschland". The book can be ordered online from Wachholtz-Verlag and is also available for download here.

Forschung und Entwicklung


Prevent standstill!

We are regularly involved in various research projects and surveys. The Stifterverband has invited us to take part in a Federal Ministry of Education and Research survey on research and development in the industry in 2019. We were pleased to accept this invitation and may therefore bear this seal.



Important information on the current situation

The current developments present all of us all with completely new challenges. Our first priority is to protect the health and safety of our employees and customers and to make our contribution to containing the virus.

We are strictly following the recommendations and instructions of the Robert Koch Institute and the health authorities. To reduce the risk of infection at all our sites, many colleagues have been working from home since 16 March. Business trips have been reduced to the absolute minimum, and meetings are being held as video or telephone conferences.

We will of course remain available to you at all times and will continue to handle all projects and inquiries with the reliability you are accustomed to and adapt them to the current situation.

Stay healthy, take care of yourself and support each other. Together we can do this!



Promotion of young talents at the career fair ORTE

On 9th January 2020 we participated in the career fair ORTE in Freiberg, Germany and presented our company with the individual specialized departments. We had many interesting conversations and were able to increase awareness of our company among future specialists.

You can find our current job offers here.



New leakage detection methods

Here you can find the published article on the project "Leakage Detection through Simultaneous Fiber Optic DTS / DAS Measurements".



What you’ve always wanted to know about caverns

On February 4th and 5th, 2020 you can learn more in our English "DEEP.KBB Storage Seminar"



Integrity concerns us all

To build on last year's success, we are offering our "DEEP.KBB Integrity Seminar in English" on 11th February 2020.



We made children happy

This year we supported the non-profit organizations "Glücksbringer am Meer e. V." (an organization which takes care of socially disadvantaged children) as well as "Aktion Kindertraum e. V." (an organization which fulfills wishes of severely ill children) with a Christmas donation.