Compliance Guideline

Operating in Compliance with the Law

A basic rule for all business decisions and actions is the consideration of and compliance with the applicable laws, ordinances and technical regulations. The same applies to internal instructions and guide-lines.

DEEP.KBB commits to consistently and without exception comply with the laws regarding employee rights and the provisions given by the Statutory Accident Insurance and Prevention Institution. The safety and health of all persons involved is given the highest priority and takes precedence over economic efficiency. Safety, health, environmental protection and economy are not considered to be in con-flict with each other.

Social Etiquette

All employees are required to use their judgement honestly and sincerely while acting on their own authority. The position within the company must not be misused for personal gain. Executive staff and supervisors especially must be conscious that they serve as an example within the company and act accordingly.

DEEP.KBB GmbH demands and promotes the abilities of each individual employee within the framework of entrepreneurial possibilities. It is especially important to the company that a trusting, cooperative working atmosphere is ensured by cultivating conscientious interactions amongst all employees. Special emphasis is given to:

  • mutual respect and honesty
  • forthrightness and confidentiality
  • personal initiative and responsibility
  • privacy and personal rights

Social commitment on the part of all employees is encouraged as a matter of principle. In order to support future generations academically DEEP.KBB offers work experience programmes, the opportunity to complete student research papers within a working environment, excursions, and scientific lectures to pupils and students in various scientific and technical disciplines. Furthermore, vocational training pro-grammes and work experience opportunities are offered in the commercial sector of the company.

Every employee is personally responsible for ensuring that no discrimination based on gender, age, race, disability, sexual orientation, nationality or religion takes place. Harassment of any kind, bullying, violence and other social misconduct will not be tolerated.

Interactions with Third Parties

The corporate and societal demands shape the dealings with the stakeholders. The overall success of DEEP.KBB depends largely on the ability to fulfill the demands of customers, affiliates, organizations, government agencies and society.

DEEP.KBB promotes their customers’ success with high-quality services and high flexibility. To this end customers’ requirements are determined and, with the aid of our expertise and experience, individu-al solutions are developed.

All employees will pay special attention to impartiality and objectivity when preparing expert opinions or other statements. The prepared opinions are based exclusively on professional analyses, in accordance with state-of-the-art science and technology. Any attempts to influence the opinion will be refused.

The company strives for a long-term strategic cooperation with its customers based on mutual ethical principles.

Active participation in conferences, as well as collaboration with organizations, committees, and re-search groups ensures presence and professional recognition in our field of expertise. Furthermore, our know-how is solidified and expanded through regular exchanges with other professionals.

In dealing with competitors, special attention is paid to ensuring that no exchange of information which could hinder fair competition (price, conditions etc.), or give the impression that illegal agreements were made, takes place. Illegal agreements will be refused categorically. They limit competition, damage the company’s image and result in high penalties which could threaten the very existence of the company.

Any contact with authorities will take place in an open, constructive and goal-oriented manner, while paying special attention to customers’ specifications and current law.

It is especially important to DEEP.KBB that there is a high degree of transparency and openness between employees, customers and associates. Well-thought-out and constructive criticism to improve all work-related processes is welcomed.

Corruption Ban, Handling of Benefits of any Kind

Corruption is unethical, illegal, bears a high risk for employees and the company and will not be tolerated.

DEEP.KBB neither offers nor accepts undue advantages from their business partners. Employees will act with integrity and caution when accepting or offering additional benefits. Any additional benefits, which require concealment by the recipient or cause significant moral obligations, are strictly prohibited. Instructions regarding the handling of additional benefits and contributions are given in the correspond-ing work instruction (AA VER 1). If in doubt, employees will consult with their superior. Contributions to and from public officials are to be treated with even greater care, as statutory provisions worldwide are quite strict.

Potential commissions and remunerations may only be paid for permitted and actual services rendered on the basis of written contracts and must be proportionate to those services.

Employees will respect the code of conduct of other business partners and will not circumvent them.

Avoiding Conflicts of Interest

Conflicts of interest can arise when personal and corporate interests between DEEP.KBB employees and its customers, suppliers, consultants and other business partners are mixed.

Conflicts of interest can negatively influence the employees’ work habits; they are counterproductive to the values and goals of the company and damage its good reputation. Therefore, all potential conflicts of interest are to be avoided categorically.

Being related, or in a kinship-like relationship (e.g. civil union), or having social connections to business partners (e.g. relationships between shareholders), cannot lead to undue advantages. To avoid misun-derstandings, it is important that such relationships are reported to the management.

As secondary employment also has the potential to cause conflicts of interest, it must be preapproved.

Confidentiality and Privacy Protection

Confidentiality with regards to all internal matters and also with regard to all information to and from customers, business partners and projects must be maintained. Confidential information includes, but is not limited to, all data marked accordingly, trade and business secrets, unpublished figures and reports and, generally, all personal data.

To the extent possible in their position in the company, employees are obligated to protect confidential information against access by third parties. Furthermore, each employee is committed to safeguard all company and trade secrets as intellectual property of the company.

Environmental Protection

DEEP.KBB is firmly committed to the protection of the environment. The actions of the mining industry often mean a significant intrusion into nature and landscape. To act in a considerate and careful manner is therefore imperative.

Each employee is obliged to observe existing environmental protection laws and guidelines and to actively protect the environment through his/her decisions and actions. Negatively impacting the environ-ment is to be avoided or reduced as much as possible. Limited resources must be used sparingly.


When giving donations or sponsorships it is important that the relevant laws and the internal regulations are followed (AA VER 1).

The rules regarding benefits of any kind cannot be bypassed for the purposes of sponsorships and donations.

Donations and sponsorships to social service organizations or charitable groups are made by the administration within the budget and in coordination with the management.