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Making the invisible visible

For every extraction or storage project it is crucially important to develop an exact picture of the structure of the reservoir rock and the overburden. Only then can reliable forecasts and statements on the sustainability and operational safety of a project be made.

Familiar with the conditions underground
Our experienced geoscientists know the processes involved in the deposition and deformation of rock formations. In their daily work, they analyse and interpret sample material and data that provide information about the conditions underground. They develop and monitor exploration programs both in the office and on site and document the findings.

Untergrundspeicher Geologie

Always up-to-date
Working according to the state of the art in science and technology and the constant international exchange with other experts are a matter of course for us. The latest 3D software for interpreting and representing complex geological contexts is an everyday tool. We work together with established partners for geological borehole support and when using specialized measuring and exploration methods. We answer many geochemical and petrographical questions in our own laboratory.