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Brine extraction boreholes

Drilling is an essential step in the construction of a brine extraction cavern. If the exact salt deposit is not yet known, an exploratory drilling is carried out first. If the geological conditions are favourable, it can be developed into a cavern. If the deposit has already been thoroughly explored, the well can be used for the construction of the cavern. Drilling involves the extraction of cores for geological and rock mechanics investigations. In this way, an optimal planning and execution of the drilling project is ensured, due to the interaction of all technical disciplines.

The drilling program is at the heart of drilling planning. We check and evaluate all available information in order to minimize geological and drilling risks. We plan the drilling so that it can be carried out within the ideal cost and time frame. The borehole diameters and dimensions of the pipes are determined according to the planned flow rates and the pipes are designed according to their load.

Solegewinnung Bohrtechnik

During the drilling phase, our experienced supervisors coordinate and monitor the work on site, ensure compliance with safety regulations, and handle daily reporting. The drill supervisors are supported by experienced drilling engineers in the office.