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Utilising depleted reservoirs and aquifer structures

Reservoir engineering is concerned with the description and analysis of flow properties and flow potential of gases and fluids in porous underground rock formations. The primary focus is on determining the size and the recoverable content of natural hydrocarbon deposits. The properties of the reservoir and the associated conditions (such as pressure and temperature), which typically also need to be determined, play an essential role. The technologies originally developed for oil and gas fields are also applied to the design of underground storages in depleted fields and in aquifer formations (water-bearing horizons).

Our reservoir engineering department offers customized services and consulting for any reservoir related issues. As such, our reservoir engineering department is by no means limited to storage facilities, the “classic” reservoir engineering for the exploration and production of hydrocarbons is also included.

Seismic Data Processing
Additionally, as part of the geophysical exploration, DEEP.KBB offers comprehensive consulting services on seismic data processing. We assist with the processing, provide support with parameter decision making, and review quality assurance aspects.

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Untergrundspeicher Reservoir Engineering