Drilling and completion technology opens up the subsoil and equips the well for safe and efficient storage. A cavern storage well with large diameters requires a special approach – we have set standards for this in the past years. If liquid or gaseous media is to be stored, additional underground equipment must be installed in the borehole to complete it.

Long-term integrity is a priority
Within the scope of our planning services, highest consideration is given to ensuring the long-term integrity of the underground storage facility. Internationally applicable standards and guidelines and our own high safety requirements form the basis for the planning and design of the borehole and its completion. Furthermore, the loads arising from the storage operation are determined and the borehole completion is designed accordingly, using specialist software. This process is carried out both in new construction projects and for the maintenance and repair of existing wells by means of recompletion measures.

Untergrundspeicher Bohrung und Komplettierung

Full Service
DEEP.KBB designs the drilling operations and the underground installations of the borehole required for the storage operations. We carry out all planning services, tendering and construction supervision during the drilling and completion phase, as well as all pressure and tightness tests. To this end, we make use of the expertise and long-term experience of our engineers and our international network from the crude oil and natural gas service industry. This enables us to provide our customers with comprehensive support in the implementation of projects, from authority engineeringdealing with the authorities to technical design, and procurement, to turnkey wells.